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Protein Distribution for muscle growth

Consumption of protein and muscle growth

Consumption of protein is a known component to a fitness journey, whether that is to lose weight and tone up or for building strength and muscle. Protein is your ‘building block’ macronutrient when paired with resistance training. Insufficient protein has been linked to poor body consumption, loss of muscle mass, poor recovery from injury and increased risk of illness.

It is also the only macronutrient that cannot be stored within the body, meaning that regular consumption across the day is needed to reap the benefits.

Numerous studies have therefore research the ‘optimal’ timings for when protein should be consumed. Many found that individuals consume 70-80% of their daily protein intake during their evening meal, with less than 15% consuming a good quantity of protein for breakfast.

Stimulating muscle building (called muscle protein synthesis) requires a threshold to be crossed. If you don’t regularly consume protein or resistance train then you will never trigger this process. Areta (2018) stated that consuming protein every 3-4 hours at 20-30g per serving is optimal for stimulation muscle protein synthesis and showing increases in muscle gain. It has now show that this 20-30g has been changed to 0.3g/per kg per body weight.

Your daily goals will depend on several variables, like age, gender, activity, ladies where we are in our menstrual cycle can even change how much protein we need.

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