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About Us

Health - Nutrition - Performance

Nutrifit is a brand that aims to provide unity within the health and fitness community. We aim to provide expert programming, coaching and care to anyone who is serious about their health, fitness or sport. Whether you are a first time gym goer or an elite athlete, we are here to help you reach your goals and unleash your potential. 

Our Clients

Our clients range from individuals who want to compete in sports at a high level to individuals who just want to optimise their health to add years on to their lives. We do pick our clients as much as they pick us. If they are looking for just a quick fix weight loss programme we will send them to our members site or a copy of our Ebooks. But if they're looking for full health optimisation, workout plans designed to their biomechanics all whilst hitting their biggest life goals, then we are the team for them.

We use a variety of tests such as blood tests, intolerance tests, gut health evaluations etc.

To create a vigorous onboarding process meaning that once your client portal is ready it has been fully built for your body specifically.  

Meet The Team




Head Health & Fitness Coach

Sam is a qualified Strength & conditioning Coach, Afn Diet and nutrition specialist as well as an online trainer who has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years now. He has worked with both professional athletes as well as the everyday person, helping them to optimise their body and health.

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Poppy Hawe

Head Nutritionist

Poppy is a SENR registered nutritionist as well as a qualified personal trainer. She has been working with professional football teams, athletes and online clients to fix their eating habits, optimise their performance and change their lives. 

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What We Do

Bespoke training & nutrition programmes. Whether your goal is to lose weight or improve performance, our nutritionist and coaches can help.

Trackable SMART goal setting & achieving. making sure we reach greatness one step at a time.

24/7 Communication with our coaches via Whatsapp, our website and our app.

Video analysis of your form, video check ins and access to our nutrition talks

We create dream physiques that you feel comfortable in! Making sure our clients not only look great, they feel great.

Our Coaches
have over

Health & Fitness Transformations

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