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Fitting food into your day:

You may have seen different individuals or companies promoting to eat 3 meals a day or 6 small meals per day or don’t eat any food before 12pm. It can all become a bit confusing as to what is the right or wrong way.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong. It is very individual, with some being able to intermittent fast, meaning their first meal is at 12pm (reducing the calorie consumed in the day). Other require food immediately upon awaking (me), otherwise they cannot start their day or function properly because they are so hungry. Both being right if they suit the individual however, it also depends on their goals.

If you are looking for a sustainable balanced diet that helps you towards your goal. Then it has been suggested that eating 3-4 meals across the day is more beneficial, as it reducing the risk of poor choices and going ‘off the rails’ due to hunger and depletion in energy levels which then makes you reach for the high sugar snacks or drinks for the rapid boost. Individuals have to become mindful of the food they are consuming if they opt for the smaller more frequent meals and snacks as it could lead to the issue of over consuming on snacks which then remove you from energy maintenance or deficit and place you in a surplus = weight gain.

High protein will always increase feelings of fullness and will help with your weight loss journey. Combine with complex carbohydrates (wholegrain, oats, potatoes…) and you will reduce the risk of blood sugar levels dropping mid-afternoon which is when a lot of individuals then reach for that high sugar snack or drink.

When exercising it becomes a little bit of a different ball game. Carbohydrates if you exercise regularly now become you friend. These are going to fuel you and help you increase your performance, strength and fitness. Consume these 60-120 minutes before and after your workout. Protein is also important, mainly post exercise as it help with the recovery of your muscles and the rebuild and growth.

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