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Cookie Dough Brownie Bites

Super tasty, bites! That are great for the fridge or freezer and something to curb that sweet tooth feeling towards the end of the day!

They take around 10 minutes to make but then 2 hours minimum to fridge (quicker if you freeze them!)

Ingredients: (makes 24 cups)

  • Flour- 80g

  • Protein Powder- 30g x 2

  • Honey - 65g

  • Maple Syrup- 20g

  • Nut Butter- 120g

  • Coconut Oil- 105g

  • Cocoa Powder- 30g


Brownie base:

  • Mix 60g peanut butter with 52g coconut oil

  • Add cocoa powder and 1.5tbsp maple syrup

  • Add 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder (can use different flavour) 4. Add the 2tbsp flour

  • Mix all together and place into little moulds (if you don't have mini moulds then place into tray and you can cut them at the ends)

  • Freeze whilst you make the cookie dough topping

Cookie Dough layer:

  • Mix 60g peanut butter with 3tbsp honey

  • Add 2tbsp flour and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

  • Mix together - may need a splash of water depending if it looks like a dough

  • Place the mixture on top of the brownie base and freeze for at last 2 hours.


103 Kcals

7.1g Fats

6g Carbs

3.5g Protein

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