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What is mindful fitness and how might it help you reach your goals?

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

This blog is designed help you discover what mindfulness is and how taking this approach can help you become a healthier and fitter version of yourself long-term and getting rid of those quick-fixes and short term results. It is a practise I cover with my online clients and this blog is going to identify the steps i go through to bring my clients into the present moment and to focus on what’s important vs what they deemed important due to social trends and looking at other peoples goals and trying to implement them onto themselves.

Mindfulness is a top trending word at the moment in the health and wellbeing industry due to the hype over self-care and putting oneself first before jobs, peers and friends. Something I have grown fond of, as i have learnt that in order to fully give your best time, effort and being fully present to those you care about you have to have listened to your own body and mind first. Living in a time of convenience, with everyone working on a time scale that ‘it should’ve been done yesterday’, peoples lives have drifted to autopilot mode, often with months passing by and those plans to work on your health and fitness not quite yet happening, or those goals you set your sight on still not achieved.

It is so common for health and fitness to be pushed to the bottom of the to do list, even though we know how important it is for us. Most people know what they should be doing in order to achieve their goals but this usually requires dedications, consistency and energy to do so and so you then begin seeking out those quick fixes and latest trends to get you there. And although addressing both diet and exercise are key to getting fitter and strong, the hardest part is often sticking to that new regime, stating on the right path, avoiding those temptations and slipping back into those old habits after one bad day (the f*ck it mentality, all or nothing). That is why is it so easy to jump from one diet to the other or another fitness influencers fitness challenge.

This is where the mental side to fitness is overlooked. Our minds are buzzing with thoughts everyday with many affecting your actions without you even knowing. By becoming more aware of your thoughts and understanding how your brain is programmes, what triggers it. You will be on the right track to a healthier version of yourself. Mindful fitness is therefore about looking internally and figure out why you do certain things and to take parts of your life back off autopilot. Remember, building a strong body doesn’t happen overnight. Ask a lot of your coaches and they will be at least 5 years deep into their own personal growth and will feel like they still have so much they can learn and alter, but this will become the fun and exciting part! It is small, frequent and consistent steps where you will then see the biggest improvement.

Mindfulness is the awareness and knowing what you are doing it when you are doing it. You can use it for concentration, focusing on the present moment, with your breathe as an anchor point to your control. Or list can be used to develop awareness of your patterns. Using it to figure out which things and thoughts tend to take you away from being truly present, and recognising what these recurring thought patterns are. Mindfulness is a power tool that has been utilised in many fields of practise, including medicine. It was discovered that mindfulness can actually change the make up of the brain and increase our wellbeing, quality of life and overall happiness.

Mindful fitness is all about

Paying attention: Develop an awareness of the present moment, so that you can make ore conscious choices about things like: why you’re eating and getting more out of your workouts to become fitter physically and mentally. It allows you to feel in control; pause. breath. “is this going to help me get fitter and healthier”

Subconscious thought patterns and beliefs: This is about linking to your inner voice around things like food and fitness, rest and recovery. To damping though self-taught negative thought of ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you always fail at losing weight so why now’ or ‘ you will never be ale to run that far or lift that weight’ These thoughts are what stop you from continuing and pushing through the hard part of trying to build that habit.

Building confidence and love for your body: I hate to break it to you but you ideal weight will not make you happy. You will always find things you do not like about yourself unless you internally change the way you talk about yourself and learning strategies that will allow you to bounce back when you fall out your fitness journey (which is completely human!!)

Autopilot and habits: Utilising mindful to notice the current habits you have and highlighting whether these are helping or hindering you. Understand how habits are formed in your brain, write down ones you would like to change and slowly tick them off.

So… what now?

Spend some time to explore and discover your current life, habits and what could be slowing down your progress to your personal goals. Simply take time to stop, think and reflect. Find a comfy quiet space, grab a pen and give yourself a fitness MOT. It’s ok if the list is long, think of it as a good clean slate with lots of ideas and areas you can change that will result in an amazing transformation.

If you would like some help into mindful fitness and your next steps into becoming a more present person then give us a message and we will get you up and running!

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