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Chicken Shawarma Bowl

Excellent meal prep idea as it tastes delicious both hot and cold!

This recipe made 6 portions for us. 2 dinners and 4 lunches.

Super easy and quick!


- 500g Chicken breast

- Olive oil

- Shawarma seasoning

- metal skewer

- 3 cups of rice

- 1tsp turmeric

- Garlic and herb seasoning

- chilli flake

- Lettuce

- Tomatoes

- Cucumber

- Hummus

- 100g yogurt

- 2 tsp hot sauce



- Cut the chicken into thick slices/cubes and place it In a Tupperware. Add the olive oil and seasoning. Cover and shake so covered evening. Get a metal skewer. and squish the chicken onto one skewer. Place. in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees. Once cooked shave the chicken off the skewer like a gyros.


- In a pan with water, add your rice and seasonings. Cooking until soft- see packet for details.


- Preference to size, i.e. I make a more significant portion of salad and less rice for me but sam gets more rice. It depends on your goals. Chop all veg and place in a bowl and mix together.

TIP: I also like to use vegetables that do well in the microwave if you wanted the hot option for meal prep - swap to spinach or kale, peppers, courgette, etc

Yogurt dressing:

- mix ingredients into a jar and stir.

Hummus- add to the side of the dish!

ANOTHER TIP: If you are requiring more carbs - put it in a wrap!

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