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Understanding food to get freedom! 

This week I wanted to cover the topic of ‘food fear and guilt’. As I was enjoying my second croissant of the week the other day with Sam and I commented that I have probably had more croissants this year than I have in all the years combined for a long long time.

Now the newsletter isn't just about how many croissants you can consume without feeling guilty. But you might be reading this and thinking about a food item that you never eat, would LOVE to consume, but don't because you fear the calories or what It will do to you. Another one for me used to be a bar of chocolate!

Often, our eating habits are clouded by unfounded fears, shaped by societal pressures and misinformation. I challenge you to join me in removing these fears, starting with something as simple yet delightful as a croissant.

For too long, foods like croissants have been deemed off-limits, falsely labeled as direct threats to our health and fitness goals. This past year, I've embraced them, learning to appreciate their basic ingredients—flour, butter, water, and a touch of sugar (and chocolate in a pain au chocolat)—without stigma.

Nutritionally, it's primarily made up of fats and carbohydrates. Now, if we look at the larger context of our daily or weekly caloric intake, the impact of indulging in a croissant now and then is minimal. The key is balance and understanding how to incorporate such pleasures without disrupting our overall nutrition goals.

Here's how to enjoy a croissant or any other food you've been wary of:

  • Understand the macros: Knowing that a croissant is rich in fats and carbs, you can plan your other meals to be higher in protein. This helps maintain a balanced macro distribution that aligns with your health and fitness objectives.

  • Plan your indulgences: Incorporating less nutritionally dense foods into your diet occasionally can actually enhance your relationship with food. It reduces the feeling of restriction and increases life's pleasures.

  • Combat guilt: If you've indulged and felt guilty, it's time to reframe your thinking. By planning and understanding how each piece fits into your nutritional puzzle, you can enjoy your favourite treats guilt-free.

This approach not only alleviates the stress associated with strict dieting but also promotes a healthier, more sustainable relationship with food. Let's not allow fear to dictate our choices. Instead, let's embrace knowledge and balance, and enjoy the culinary delights life has to offer—yes, even croissants!

Note: If you already have a strong relationship with food, consider this newsletter a nod of gratitude to yourself. Creating a healthy relationship with the foods you eat is so important to living a more free life. Food is something you have to consume daily, and so by understanding what you are putting into your body and the affects it has (big or small) will allow you to do those social occasions with stress, fear, or dissatisfaction because you've chosen something you didn't actually want.

Life is too short, enjoy the croissant and eat smart not less.

Here's to mastering our food relationships—one joyous bite at a time!

Extra: With a mix of personal experience, client journey, and degrees & qualifications the nutrifit coaches are am here to debunk fitness and diet myths and give you science-backed research for your health and fitness journey it a simple and understandable way where you can start implementing it in your own life to see the benefits!  

Feel free book a call with one of the nutrifit coaches and we will begin planning how to get you to achieve YOUR healthy life. We work with athletes, regular gym girlies, and those just starting and wanting to find their fitness journey. It's a fun and magical space!

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